Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Unacknowledged

I want to preface this post by saying that I absolutely believe in the spirit of Mother's Day... in a day to acknowledge mothers, those who are like a mother, and most of all God's divine design of motherhood. In some ways, hearing or reading the words "Happy Mother's Day" feels so good to me; and at the same time, it is hard ... because there is a little boy who I will never get to hear whisper those words to me. There is someone missing; the little boy who made me a mother first isn't here. And while three Mother's Days have passed since having Isaac, this particular day is not one that has gotten easier.

This morning in church we were encouraged to wish the moms out there a happy Mother's Day during the greeting... something I think is a truly wonderful thing. Yet at the same time, I thought about people who were likely to be in that room who were probably having a really hard time this morning. About the man or woman who recently lost their mother; about the husband whose wife recently passed away... the mother of his children; about the parents who just lost a child that they long for and love so dearly; about the couple who longs to have children and yet after months or years of trying to get pregnant just... haven't; and about the couple who has pursued parenthood through the beauty of adoption, only to have that adoption fall through.

For many, Mother's Day is an incredibly happy day; but for others, it can be a day that is also full of sorrow. And for them, that sorrow can so easily go unacknowledged.

So, I would encourage you... if you know someone who may go unacknowledged this Mother's Day because their situation is outside the scope of a card that Hallmark creates, acknowledge them anyway.

Acknowledge their hurt or sorrow; acknowledge that this day may be one that is difficult. Let them know that you remember them, too.

And what would a Mother's Day post be without pictures of my sweet kiddos...

Isaac and Ellie~

I am so proud of both of you and am so thankful to be your Mom. You are both incredible. I love you!


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SUSI said...

And there are so many out there that go and have gone unacknowledged for Mother's Day. Just yesterday while visiting with Lucas at the cemetery we met a Mom who just very recently has lost her son. Seeing and talking to her reminded me so much of myself on my first Mother's Day after Lucas passed. It will always be a very emotional day for me.

asplashofsunshine said...

Mother's Day should really be renamed, "Celebrate Women Day"! Some great women are mothers, some are not, some do not want to be, some do, but are not. I have many great women in my life that are not mothers, although they taught me how to be a great woman and even how to be a great mom.

Let's celebrate women, whether they're mother's or not. Thanks for your sweet post.

Shene' said...

While my situation is different from yours, I had painful Mother's Days in the past. I wrote about it as well:

Thank you for remembering others on Mother's Day.

Carly said...

Thinking of you and your two on this year's mother's day.

Maggie said...

Also, birth mothers. Moms who have given their babies up for adoption to give them a better life.