Sunday, June 20, 2010


I apologize for the silence on my blog for the past few weeks. You may have noticed that those weeks coincided with returning to work, and truthfully, I was just exhausted.... and wanted to spend the time I was awake with my sweet little Ellie.

So to catch you up on the last few weeks...

Returning to work was difficult, and I think more so for me than for Eliana. Thankfully, my mom and a couple of our friends helped us out and took care of her. It was great having my mom here to watch her where Ellie could stay at home in her regular routine and be with her Mom-Mom. It was also good for her to be at a few of my friends' houses and interacting with different people and other children. It gave me a chance to think through some logistics of when I return to work full time in the fall, as well as the opportunity to figure out a routine that would work for Ellie's pattern... which of course will probably be completely different come late August!

Eliana is doing great. I can't believe that she will already be 4 months on July 4th! She has such a sweet personality, smiles all the time, and is babbling up a storm! She loves her Bumbo seat, and is actually enjoying tummy time these days. She has figured out that when she pushes the bird or the monkey on her bouncy seat that music plays and the waterfall lights up. It's been really neat to watch her figure out that cause and effect relationship and to intentionally start hitting the animals. She's been reaching and grasping a lot more as well, has become more intentional with her hands. She stares at her hands a lot, too, which is pretty funny. And even though she's petite (maybe 10 1/2 lbs?) and just got into her 0-3 month clothes, she loves to stand up and put weight in her legs. Her hair is still crazy as every, and her eyes still a beautiful deep blue. While she hasn't yet cut any teeth, she is definitely teething... and drooling like a champ!! I just love her to pieces.

Plans for Isaac's Golf Tournament are underway, and we are so excited. Part of our excitement is that last week we received notice from the IRS that the Isaac Delisle Foundation was granted 501(c)3 status. We are thankful for this, and are eager to see what God will do both in and through the foundation...and are grateful to honor both the Lord and our sweet Isaac through this ministry.

I have much more that I would like to share, but for now wanted to post a brief update, and of course, a few pictures...

Ellie with Grandpa (Spencer's dad) when he and Betsy came to visit

Snoozing in her swing

I think her facial expression is so funny! She wasn't even upset here, just not in the mood to smile I guess. I love how blue her eyes are...

Crazy hair!

Dancing with Daddy!