Saturday, October 30, 2010

Movin' and Groovin'

It's been quite a few weeks here in our house. Eliana has been keeping us quite busy! She is really on the move now... crawling, pulling up, and even attempting to take a step or two while holding on to something. Here's a little peek at how we found her in her crib last weekend after her nap. She is so proud of herself... it cracks me up!

Ellie continues to be such a joy. She loves people, is really outgoing, loves to talk and to laugh... she is just so precious. Be sure to check back in a few days for pictures from her first Halloween!


SayRah said...

She is TOOO precious! I loves her! :)
I'm proud of her, too!

Rachel E. said...

That is ADORABLE! She's so happy and smiley!

Vivian said...

so happy for your family. she is a beautiful baby.
God is good.

Donna said...

Well, she is just too cute standing there!....but just as cute is your voice so surprised commenting!!! lol! Darling post!!