Sunday, February 28, 2010


I don't know much about parenting a child at home. Sure, I have read some baby books, but when the rubber hits the road, it's all going to be new to me; but come Thursday, I know I will be getting quite a crash course.

What I do know is that my and Spencer's marriage is foundational to parenting well.

Would you please pray for our marriage? God has been so gracious in truly protecting our marriage through our journey with Isaac. Not that it's a perfect marriage or that we have it all together; but I can truly say that we have a great marriage, and that the Lord has so clearly protected us. As we bring Eliana home, I know that she will require so much of our attention. So please pray for us that God would continue to protect our marriage as He so faithfully has, and that He would give us the grace to bear with one another in love as we navigate this exciting transition; that He would help us to be intentional about our time together as a couple, and as a family; and that He would continue to be the foundation upon which our home is built.


Summer Pendley said...

Stacy~ I'll definitely be praying for you & Spencer as you navigate this new chapter together with God's wisdom and grace. I've followed your blog through my friend, Ashly, since Isaac went to be with Jesus. I am beyond excited for you & Spencer! I cannot wait to see Eliana, and I am confident that God will equip you with everything you need to know to be an exceptional mommy :)

Many Blessings to Come!!!!!

Paige said...

STill praying for you daily- know you will be wonderful. And because of Isaac you will love EVERY part of being Eliana's mommy- no small stuff to sweat, just thankfulness!! I recommend reading Baby Wise BEFORE going to the hospital! IT is wonderful!!!

Peppermint Patty said...

I don't think anyone is truly prepared bringing a child home. Even if it's someone's first child or fifth. Every child changes the dynamics of the household.

You and your husband have a lot of love to give your baby girl and I think you'll be great!!

I was also thinking of your previous posts about "leaving Isaac behind." I don't know that that is necessarily true.

Won't he always be a part of your family because you have chosen to keep his memory alive through pictures, the playground and remembering him?

That's not leaving someone behind, that's carrying them with you forever. <3

asplashofsunshine said...

Trust yourselves. That is the best way to thrive in a marriage with the joys and demands of children. Trust that you are doing all you can, trust he is too, and he does the same. Listen to each other too. You have such an exciting week coming up and I can not wait to hear of her arrival into this world!!!!

Betsy said...

Hi Stacy,
I can't remember if I've been commenting on these last few posts or not, but I just wanted you to know that I have been praying for you daily and will continue to. I can't wait to hear about Eliana's birth and about all of the joy that she will bring into your lives.
I know that God has been working through you throughout this whole experience, and he's not about to stop now! I am confident that he will provide for you and Spencer in more ways than you have been able to imagine.


Desiree said...

You guys seem to be very patient and open with one another. That's what I found to be the most important thing when we brought our baby home. You guys will do great! Praying for you!

Christy said...

I will definitely be praying for you, parenting isn't easy and it can put a strain on the marriage if you're not coming at parenting together! I know you didn't ask, but my best suggestion is talk about discipline before you ever need to use it, so you're on the same page from the get go and as she gets older and bats those eyes at Daddy he doesn't just melt into them, but has an action plan already as the foundation!
If you're planning on breastfeeding, talk about him getting up to change the diaper that she'll most likely dirty WHILE nursing so you can get a couple minutes of the deepest sleep your body will go into during those first few weeks!!

Most of all, pray together daily for your marriage and for wisdom and always keep talking!! I have no doubt you'll be a wonderful Mom to this little girl, just as you are to Isaac.

Tammy On the Go said...

I was trying to think on HOPE THIS weekend as I traveled back from one of my dear friends' home. Her 3 year old son is terminal with brain cancer. We lifted up the name of the Lord together in hope of what he can do for Joshua and I thought of you and the hope you share.... thank you.

Laura said... are an amazing mama!
March forth....God has an incredible plan for your sweet family.

KKM said...

I have been, and will contiune to pray and think of you guys daily. I cannot believe that your sweet baby girl will be here so soon! You have been, and continue to be such great parents to Isaac...Eliana is so lucky to have you as her parents.

Anonymous said...

you will be wonderful parents! My sunday school class today said a special prayer for you and Spencer. I had a very hard/emotional delivery of my daughter after loosing a baby in the 2nd trimester. You will be a wonderful mother and you will honor isaac and I am sure Eliana will know so much about him. what a blessing she will be. You will go through things that every mother wants to go through. The sleepless night, The laundry, and your sweet baby all snuggled on your chest. On the fourth a bunch of moms from church are going to spend the morning in the sanctuary praying for you. Know that Temple Baptist Church of New Bern,North Carolina is praying for you!

Once A Mother said...

praying for, and rejoicing with, you

mrsrubly said...

i will be honored to pray for ya'll! i just know that ya'll are going to bring that precious lil girl home and do GREAT at the parenting thing! don't sweat! leave it up to god!!