Monday, October 10, 2011

Isaac's 3rd Birthday in Pictures

{Leaving a pumpkin for Isaac}

{Eliana at Isaac's "special place"}

{Sending the picture she drew for Isaac "up in the sky" on balloons}

{Feeding the ducks with Dad at a park that was special to us during my pregnancy with Isaac}

{Eliana and I at the park}


Taylor said...

Precious. Ellie picked the perfect little pumpkin! I'm glad you guys had a special day.

Education: Exploring Online Learning said...

I love that Isaac is already so significant to Ellie.

Erika said...

Beautiful photos!!!! Looks like a peaceful weekend remembering Isaac. I know how hard those anniversaries are (before, during, and after...especially when you are pregnant!)- praying that you feel loved and supported. ((((hugs)))

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Dear Isaac. The pictures are precious.

Queen Diva said...

Happy Birthday to Isaac. Looks like you celebrated his special day with pure Love.

Sonya said...

so sweet. I am glad that you found such a special way to honor Isaac.