Monday, June 9, 2008

Facing the Giants

Well wouldn't it fit that after my own reflection about Abraham and Isaac, that we would go to church yesterday and our Pastor would preach on that very same passage. It was overwhelming.

He has been doing a series entitled "Facing the Giants," focusing on various trials that we face in life. Yesterday's was on the topic of sacrifice. The overiding theme focusing on being willing to give up what you love the most, and allowing God to provide what you need the most. Abraham was willing to give up Isaac, the beloved son that he and Sarah had waited so long for, and trusted God to provide what he would need. And God didn't fail. He came through.

I have been so encouraged lately by the acts of God's faithfulness that I have seen all around me... He always is, and He will continue to be. What has been really cool lately is that I have started to feel the little man move. Often, it's those "flutters" to which people refer, but sometimes there's a noticeable kick or jab in there... nothing to hard, but obvious nonetheless.

I love it. I love that it is a reminder that there is a life inside of me, and a little boy who needs to know how much he is loved, despite what the ultimate outcome might be. Those little kicks and movements just make everything so much more real, and are times that I can truly say that I can enjoy this pregnancy. They are little bouts of ammunition that I can carry with me, allowing me to love my little boy in the face of uncertainty and sometimes fear... the little rocks that I can load in my slingshot, just like David did, while facing the giant battle ahead. God is good... He is faithful.


Kristin (kekis) said...

It sounds as if God was really speaking to you and confirming that faith and love is what you need to face this giant ahead of you.

I'm glad you're enjoying the flutters, kicks, and jabs. That's your baby boy letting you know he's still in there and fighting this battle with you!

Jenn said...

Faithful, He is.

Have you seen the movie "Facing the Giants"? Our paster recommended it. It's kinda like watching a play at church, but the message was really good and it had an "underlying" plot that really stood out to me.

Thinking og you!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love feeling him inside you? As he gets bigger you'll see your belly move along with him and strangely enough, it is some of the best entertainment. I'm glad to hear that there are parts of your pregnancy you're enjoying. You've waited long enough, and the little man is surely showing you that he's not giving up either. Hope your appointment today went well!