Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Isaac's Golf Tournament-- Big Announcement!

This past Sunday at church was our new member induction. I promise... this has to do with the golf tournament. Stick with me. Anyhow, Spencer and I have been attending our church for about two years now. We considered membership after several months, but had scheduling conflicts with the new member class. Long story short, it all worked out, and this past Sunday we, along with a few other folks, were called down front after the worship set and confirmed as members of the church.

After the worship set... which included some of my favorite songs that happen to just pull at my heart as the remind me so much of Isaac. We sang "Mighty to Save" and "How Deep the Father's Love for Us". You might remember that "How Deep the Father's Love for Us" was one that i played for Isaac in the mornings as I wrote to him, and it was one of the songs we had at his memorial service. We finished with "Better is One Day"... a song I have loved for years, whose truth I know for sure. But when I sing it, I find myself asking, "But God, couldn't we have had Isaac for just a while first?"

So by the time the worship set was over, I had had a few of "those moments" where the tears just rolled despite every attempt on my part to hold them back. But I was able to get myself composed enough to walk down front.

The service continued, and you wouldn't believe the content. Yup... you guessed it. Genesis 22. The Abraham and Isaac story.

Truth be known, I thought about leaving. I wasn't sure I could do it... to sit there and hear my son's name over and over again throughout the service; hearing about God sparing Abraham's Isaac on this side of heaven, but not ours. Ultimately, I know that Isaac was spared because of Christ's finishing work on the cross; but like I shared in relation to that song... I wish we could have had the chance to have him here for a while first.

We didn't leave... we stayed. And I am glad we did.

The service wrapped up, and Spencer and I headed out to the lobby to man an information table about the golf tournament. At that point, the owner of the Nissan dealership where we recently purchased my new Nissan Rogue, with whom I had been e-mailing about sponsoring a hole for the tournament, came up to talk to us.

I didn't even know we attended the same church!

So... the big announcement...

He told Spencer he would be glad to have a 2009 Nissan Altima out on a par 3 hole as a hole-in-one prize!!


It was amazing to me that on that particular Sunday, when we were called down front for new member induction... when he could put a face with a name and connect it to Isaac's Golf Tournament... the way all of those things were arranged for us to have connected.

To tell you the truth, I needed a little pick me up after how emotional the service was for me.

So there you have it! Never did I dream that we'd have a car to give away at the tournament! Dust off your 7 iron (or 8 or 9 iron) and start practicing!!


Holly said...

Oh my gosh Stacy that is so absolutely wonderful!!! I know it had to be hard to get through the service and I'm so proud you stood up there and got through it. I hope that the car will entice more people to sign up for the tournament and raise more money!!

Anonymous said...

Only you could make me cry and then be so happy all from the same post:-) You are amazing how you've taken your pain and put it into helping others.

Miche said...

What great news!! I'm so happy for you guys.

You are so strong for making it through that service. Just reading the story I was sitting her going how is she going to sit through that but you did!!

What a wonderful day

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I'm thrilled for you. This is wonderful news. xxx

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

That is so awesome! Wow....I love it!

Sonya said...

Oh Stacy that is wonderful news!! God works in wonderful ways. This post brought tears to my eyes. I have such a burden for you in my heart and I think about you daily. I cannot imagine how emotional that service must have been for you. But God knew what he had planned for the day!!

The Milams said...

That is simple amazing!!! God works in mysterious ways.

So proud you made it through worship. I have the hardest time listening to The Dance by Garth Brooks. But i love the song but all i can think about during it is my beautiful boy and how i could have missed all the pain but i'd had to miss the dance. Its such a beautiful song.

God bless

Stephanie said...

Oh I am so happy or you both.
I know how much it hurt to stay, but like we all know, God has a plan.
How wonderful that you are surrounded by such great people!

Suzan said...

You are so strong to have made in through that service. That had to be so tough. I hope the car enables you to bring in more golfers and rasie even more money for your wonderful cause.

THE SPIVEY"S said...

That is amazing and wonderful. How God works in amazing ways.
I am not sure how I came across your blog but I am so glad that I did. Your story is very similar and heart-touching. A dear friend of mine just lost her little girl to Trisomy 13 at 23 weeks. They had to induce her because it was causing harm to her in she would have carried her to term. She was born "asleep" but was loved oh so much and missed oh so much. I know that she would find so much peace in your story as well. My family will pray for your family as you contiue to go through this difficult time. We also hope and know that Isaac's golf tournament will be a HUGE success.

kjames106 said...

Hey girl! I wanted to share this website with you. I'm sure you already know about it, but just in case.


I hope that is ok.

Oh how I love..... said...

FANTASTIC!!! Praise to God.

I am so glad this happened. I hope the tournament is a huge success.

Congrats for becoming a member and making it through another tough situation.

Tammy On the Go said...

that is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now. I'm not even sure how I came across it. God is doing wonderful things through you and your husband and your love for Issac. You have been a true inspiration for me in many different ways. You probably don't even realize all the lives that you and Issac are touching but it is real. Thank you for that and thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Laura said...

So beautiful....I love the handful of gifts that He leaves us along the way. You are wise to keep your eyes and ears open.

I am excited to hear about Isaac's tournament...I know it will be a sweet day.

I think of you often.
Sending love,

Ruth said...

Dearest, I love you and your writings and your son and our big God! I am always so encouraged by you. I have been reading through your suggested reading list and am currently reading When I Lay My Isaac Down, WOW!! need I say more, Thank-you so much!! I love that you are a runner, too. I wish that we lived closer, You are such an rencouragement to me. Thank-You!