Thursday, July 16, 2009

Walking With You~ Naming Isaac

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Last week we were asked to share our goodbyes with our babies, and I just wasn't in a place where I could recount that. As I mentioned in a previous post, saying our final goodbye to Isaac is the greatest pain I have ever endured, and I am just not prepared to delve back into that right now. We did honor Isaac's life with both a family burial service and a memorial service; both were carefully planned, and I am confident that both Isaac's life and our Lord were honored.
This week, we've been asked to share how we named our babies and what their names mean. We had Isaac's name picked out early on, once we had learned about the complications with his development. We named him after the account of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22... feeling as though God was calling us to great sacrifice, and that because of Isaac's prognosis, it truly would have had to have been the Lord who would have spared his life on this side of heaven. Medically, we were told by some of the nations' top physicians, that there was nothing they would be able to do for him.
The name Isaac also means "laughter." We knew that even if Isaac wasn't healed on this side of heaven, that in heaven itself Isaac would be full and complete, not lacking in anything... and we just imagined him happy and whole... and laughing.
We chose Isaac's middle name a little later. We decided on Timothy because it means "to honor God." We wanted everything about Isaac's life, our decision to carry him to term... just everything surrounding his life and presence here to bring glory to our Father.
When we had decided on his name, Spencer made up a "naming certificate" on the computer, and we both signed it. He wanted to make it official... well, as official as possible. We shared his name with everyone, include you all here reading this blog, because we wanted our son to be able to be prayed for by name. We wanted him to be known.
Hearing Isaac's name is still such a gift...particularly in reference to our Isaac.


Anonymous said...

Every time I read your posts Stacy I feel privileged. Isaac is known and loved throughout the world. His name has been spoken often on the shores here in Perth, Western Australia. The names you chose for him reflect the thoughtful caring parents that you are.

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Thanks so much for joining us this week, Stacy. Last week's walk was difficult, and I understand not being able to recount that day. There were times last week when I even questioned if we should re-visit it. This week's topic is a welcome break from some of the heaviness of re-visiting such sorrow. I am sorry the MckLinky wasn't up yet this morning. I forgot to add it last night when I posted! It is there now if you wish to link with us. I also forgot to mention the names of my living children and the middle names of Faith, Grace, and Thomas. So that info. has now been added to my post. Anyway...I love the name of your sweet Isaac Timothy...and the meaning behind his name. I am with you...even all these years later, it blesses my heart to hear the names of my children. Praying God's continued comfort for both of you...

Love and Prayers,

Lauren said...

Yep! That is one beautiful name! Isaac Timothy! Love you.

Penny said...

The names you picked, just like your son, are beautiful! God bless.

cc said...

What a special name with such special meaning. Your sweet Isaac will be remembered by many.

Ironically, I have a nephew named 'Timothy Isaac'. His name was chosen like your baby Isaac Timothy.
Timothy-to honor God & Isaac-for laughter.

I have read your blog for awhile and have said many prayers for you.

May God Bless You,

Chatty Cricket said...

Isaac Timothy is such a beautiful name, and the meaning behind both names makes Isaac's name even more precious.

A name is such a gift to a child, and I think the name you gave to Isaac does a wonderful job of celebrating your Sweet Baby Isaac and his Father.

Joyeful said...

Stacy, as soon as I loaded your page, I was just amazed at how beautiful and perfect your little Isaac is. I say "is" because I know he lives on in heaven, where he is loved completely and known fully.

This site is just a beautiful tribute to your son and as I read some of your other posts, I could tell that your blog brings God glory! I understand why you couldn't post last Thursday, I couldn't either. I have written about it before on my blog, but even that took everything out of me. I know God heals us a little more every time we share our story though and hopefully he uses it to heal another.

I pray God's blessings on you!

Sonya said...

Everytime I hear the name Isaac I always think of your sweet boy. Then I say a little prayer for all of you.

Tammy On the Go said...

So Beautiful

Lorraine said...

Isaac Timothy was given a beautiful and meaningful name by you & Spencer. I think that what you experienced at church last Sunday was incredible and Isaac's name was again a part of your day - and spoken by others.

God bless.

Shannon said...

Isaac Timothy is a beautiful name, and one to be very proud of.Of the entries I have read so far, I find it wonderful that we all have chosen a name for our children that denotes the love of God somewhere in it. Absolutely beautiful.

Holly said...

Such great meaning behind Isaac's name!! I love that his name also means laughter. I bet he's doing a lot of that in Heaven with Jesus!

Jennifer Ross said...

I love how you took his name from the book of Genesis. What a testimony to put all your faith into the one who created him. Isaac.... beautiful.

Cowgirl said...

I love that you picked a "biblical name." and that you honored God even in the loss of precious Isaac. May God Bless you in ways that you cannot even imagine!