Thursday, May 26, 2011

Golf Tournament, Playground, and Packing... OH MY!

It's been a crazy few weeks in the Delisle house, and looks like we are in for a few more busy weeks before things start to settle down. I sort of feel like I am in autopilot at the moment, trying to just keep chugging along until the school year comes to an end (which is in 14 school days... not that I'm counting!).

So what's been happening?

Well, plans for this year's Isaac Timothy Delisle Memorial Golf Tournament are underway, and we couldn't be more excited. This year, part of the proceeds from the tournament will benefit Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, and we are grateful to be able to support such an incredible organization. We've been busy solidifying dates, holding organizational meetings, and starting to solidify hole sponsors, prizes, and giveaways. Things are really coming together already, even though the tournament isn't until August 19th. If you're interested in playing or helping in some way, please feel free to leave a comment or email me!

Also, Isaac's playground will be built at our church in the beginning of June! A week from Saturday, the groundwork will be completed, and on June 11th, we will be having a community build to assemble the structure and cement it into the ground. On Father's Day, our church will be holding a dedication ceremony as well... I thought it will be so special for Spencer to do that on Father's Day.

Needless to say, these to things alone have been keeping us busy, on top of wrapping up the school year, packing up my classroom, and chasing around a cute, busy, fast little toddler! She is just a riot these days, talking up a storm, running everywhere, and making her preferences known. Her hair has gone from straight to curly, and at her last doctor's appointment she finally broke the 18lb mark! At almost 15 months old. She's a peanut :)

Stay tuned for updates on the playground in the next few weeks!


Miche said...

I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how things were going.

Glad to hear you have just been busy :)

What a special Father's Day Spencer will have this year!

Taylor said...

So excited about the playground! Can't wait!

Sonya said...

I am so excited for this time in your life! there is so much going on and Issac's playground will finally be completed! I cannot wait to see pictures of it!!!

Welcome to the Shit Show! said...

Will y'all be selling t-shirts as part of the fundraiser for Isaac's golf tournament?

Jennifer said...

just now seeing your money saving post - have you considered cloth diapering? It really isn't as hard (or as gross!! LOL) as you might think, and modern cloth diapers have come a LONG way from the ones our grandmas used! I can email you a lot more information if you'd like it. It has been a huge money saver for our family - and I am kicking myself for not doing it with our first 2! Our son, who turns one this month, is our first baby to be cloth diapered, and we love it! We've been a one income family for almost 7 years, and we have to get creative at times! you can email me@