Friday, March 1, 2013

Too Long...

Oh it has been way, way too long again.

The holidays, the stomach bug, and life's momentum have kept me from here much, much longer than I had hoped. Lots going on in the Delisle house, lots for which to be grateful, lots that I have been pondering, praying over, and purposefully crafting into posts.

While that's happening, how about another round of questions... haven't done that in a while, and it will be fun!

So, please feel free to leave questions you have for me in the comment section below... questions about our walk with Isaac, our kids, our marriage, etc.

I look forward to reading them!!


Sonya said...

I am happy to see you post here again. I check it often to see if you have updated. I always enjoy reading your posts. I would love to see pictures of your kids and how they have grown! How was is adjusting to having Jacob? who is now 1! Man that year went fast! What does Eliana think of him? Are you still staying at home/working from home?

Jennifer said...

Please tell us how you LOVE staying at home! How did it work out that you were able to stay home? Pictures, we want pictures!! So glad to see your post today!

Sarah said...

Great to "see" you!! How is everything?! Are you still home? Planning to continue this? How are the kiddos? Pictures!