Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Glorious

Today I have had the fortune (or misfortune) of sitting here on my periods off grading my sixth graders' essays. They were to write about a difficult choice they've had to make, exploring the pros and cons of both sides of the choice, and then ultimately what their decision was. It has been somewhat interesting to catch a glimpse into their minds and what seems important to them.

As I have been grading, a song by Passion that I haven't heard in a while came on... My Glorious. I was captivated by the lyrics as they hit me in a way that they haven't ever before:

And all You ever do
Is change the old for new
People, we believe that

God is bigger than
The air I breathe
The world we'll leave
God will save the day
And all will say
My glorious

Isn't that just awesome? Over the last few weeks, things deep within me that I never knew were there have been brought to the surface... old ways that I have viewed motherhood, people, how I view this pregnancy, and even my view of God. Through the last few weeks He has been trading those old perspectives for new ones.

And I just love the lines that say that God is bigger than the air I breath, the world we'll leave. If I can't cling to that, what can I cling to? God is big... bigger than statistics, bigger than medicine, bigger than a prognosis.

The prayer of my heart through all of this is captured in those last three lines, that God will save the day, and all will say, my glorious.

Would you continue to pray with us that God, our God who is so big, would do a miracle for our baby and that he would be healed... that God would save the day so that all will be in awe of Him and have no response other than "My glorious!"


Meg said...

I just wanted to tell you that your strength in God has had a huge impact on my own faith. You are a inspirationa and in my prayers.

Laura said...

Found your blog by just blog hopping! Let me say how my heart breaks for you that you are having to walk on this road. SO hard, life changing and full of love too. You are not alone on this journey...I placed my sweet Pearl in the arms of Jesus just moments after she was born. We recieved a fatal diagnosis at our 20 week u/s and carried her to term. She is one of God's biggest blessings to us...I would love to help you on this journey. We are in the process of starting a non-profit to come alongside families who have chosen to carry their babies to term in spite of a fatal diagnosis. To offer hope, support and practical ways to honor the life of their precious baby. I would love to help you in any way...even if it is just to let you know I am thinking of you and remember so well the ache that sits in the middle of your chest. I know He is faithful and will carry you each step of the way. Keep crying out to Him...He does hear. I will be praying for you and thinking of you often too. You are a brave mama....sending you love. Laura

PS- my email is

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog for the first time ... I'd seen some of your posts on the nest but didn't really know your story until today. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this and wanted to let you know that I'll be praying for you and your husband. Your faith in God is truly inspiring.
~ Tammy (tams148)

...and then there was three said...

I stand in awe at your love for our Savior! God is HUGE! and he does HUGE things in people's lives everyday. I continue to pray for you and your husband for strength during this storm of yours. Our God is BIG and HE can move mountains...

Your SISTER in Christ,
Montgomery, AL