Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What About Bob?

I am sure many of you have also seen the movie What About Bob? It just cracks me up. I love how Bob talks himself through seemingly mindless tasks in his day... "Baby steps to the elevator... Baby steps down stairs... Baby steps to the door." I also thought about how silly Bob seemed. Until recently, that is.

This pregnancy has been like a series of baby steps, even before we knew anything was wrong. It was baby steps until the first prenatal appointment, baby steps until the sonogram, baby steps until we're past the point of my previous miscarriage. I used to find those baby steps a little annoying, always wishing I would be past the point of baby steps and to the point of feeling like this pregnancy was on cruise control.

God has had other plans. He isn't through with the baby steps, and He is so graciously teaching me to embrace them and to be thankful for them.

After that long day in April where my world was turned upside down (the day we learned of our little man's troubles), this pregnancy has been all about celebrating baby steps. Baby steps until the FISH results from the CVS test.... normal. Baby steps to the thorough CVS results... normal. Baby steps to the next prenatal appointment... there's still a strong heartbeat. Baby steps to the next sonogram... the cystic hygroma has shrunk. Though the large omphalocele was a small step back, it didn't negate all of the baby steps forward.

Today there were more baby steps... baby steps to the echocardiogram... and we were told that out son's heart has all four chambers. God has been abudantly gracious so far, and I am confident that He will continue to be.

Granted, there's a lot of information still unknown. And so, there are more baby steps. Baby steps to the next prental vist, the next sonogram, and to our "marathon day" at Children's Hospital when we'll have another fetal echocardiogram, a fetal MRI, and a consultation with a pediatric surgeon.

Would you pray with us that God would continue his gracious work in both our baby's life and in ours? Would you please continue to pray that our baby's heart is forming perfectly, that it is strong, and that the rest of his little body is growing and developing just as it should? Would you continue to pray for Spencer and I that we would rejoice in the baby steps and the good news that each one has brought, and that God would continue to guard our hearts and minds with His perfect peace?

I am learning to love baby steps. And, I don't think that Bob is so outrageously crazy any more ! :)


Lauren said...

OK, this is so exciting. God is amazingly good and I am so happy to be a part of your journey through your humility on this blog. Your little one is a fighter and he will be well. Now... we (me, you, Amy) will have to get all of our babies together when they are out of the womb and celebrate. What a wonderful start to my day. Thanks for the update.

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amrisser said...

We are praying for you! God is so good, our babies will be a testimony of it! Yes...cannot wait to get our group of "blessings" together.....what is your exact due date?