Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tick... tock...

Waiting can be so hard. These last few weeks have been full of waiting... waiting for CVS results, waiting for my next prenatal appointment. And today, it's waiting for 3:30.

We haven't seen our little guy since we received our horrific news at 12 weeks (today is 16 weeks 3 days). As much as I am excited to get to see him on the ultrasound screen, I am also petrified.

I just keep playing that Passion song, "My Glorious" over and over, reminding myself that God is so big. If He wants to heal our little boy, He can; and if He doesn't, well that's His perogative, and we'll have to walk through it.

Would you pray for us today? That God would work a miracle and that the news we receive would be positive? Would you pray that the cystic hygroma as decreased or resolved, that the omphalocele (umbilical hernia) has decreased or resolved, and that all of our little boy's organs and limbs, specifically his heart and his brain, are developing properly? Would you pray for God to move in a big way... one that would stun the doctors and bring glory to God?

I'll be sure to update this afternoon.


Kirsten said...

Praying for a miracle today. That God would be glorified. For peace and comfort as you wait. That you keep your eyes fixed on Him instead of the medical information. Praying for a good report after your appointment. Hang in there! God has it all under control.


amrisser said...

Lancaster, Pennsylvannia is Praying! please keep us posted on today's appointment. We praying for the hygroma to be shrinking, and a beautiful, perfect, healthy baby boy! Love-the risser family

Monica said...

I just logged on and saw the update....I'm praying for grace and glory for you and Spencer!

Lauren said...

We are praying for you - another Lancaster, PA praying family!

I cannot wait to check back later today and read the GOOD NEWS!

Love, love.