Friday, September 5, 2008

Words of Hope

I was recently talking with someone about this storm that Spencer and I are walking through with Isaac and about how everything feels so chaotic, unstable, and constantly changing. Whether that's my emotions, still becoming accliamated to a new teaching environment, or the state of disarray (at least by my standards) that my house is in, so much of life just feels as though it has completely unravled.

I've talked before about the many contradictions this experience has brought, such as who I know God to be with the circumstances we're currently facing, and that contradiction alone has caused me to really dig deeper into who Jesus really is.

Later in that conversation, I was asked, "What do you know to be true and unchanging? What anchors you right now?" I had a hard time coming up with things that are unchanging... so much has. My faith is changing, my marriage, my hopes and dreams are changing... and though not for the worse, they are still changing.

I was reading a blog this morning that I hadn't looked at in a few weeks. It's the blog of Greg and Nicol Sponberg. Nicol also sang in Selah, and is Todd Smith's sister (and therefore, Angie Smith's sister-in-law). Weeks after Todd and Angie lost their precious Audrey, Greg and Nicol lost their 10 week-old son, Luke, to SIDS.

On their blog, Greg was recalling words that brought him comfort in the wake of Luke's death, and this statement just captured my attention this morning:

There are only two things I know to be true right now... the Cross and the Resurrection.

I can't imagine walking through this not being able to stand on those truths. And though they are few, they change everything. And although it doesn't take away the depth of the sadness and grief, or the times of chaos, it does bring hope to a seemingly bleak and hopeless situation. Because of them, I know where our sweet Isaac will be should he not be here with us.

On Tuesday we have another ultrasound. Would you please pray that it would be a special time for our family... that we would enjoy our time getting to see Isaac, that the doctors would be able to answer any questions that we have, and that God would just grant us peace? As I have said, those times can be bittersweet, particularly as we approach mid-October; but for now, I just want to enjoy the time we do have with our sweet son.

Thank you for your continued prayers, encouragement, and for walking with us.


Monica said...


We love you guys.

Ellie said...

My sister passed me on to you for prayer. She asked me to read your blog before telling me exactly what was going on with your pregnancy.

You are 25+ weeks now. Is it too early to have Isaac premature?

I have not gone so far back on your blog to see if you are trying to carry Isaac full term.

I remember when the doctor told me of the problems with my Emma. I felt like he was ordering a fries and coke, it was that insensitive.

While my prenatal issues were not as severe as yours, my fears were very real. Everytime I went to the doctor they had something new to tell me. During the course of my pregnancy, my two best friends and my sister were also pregant.

My best friend, Angela, lost her twins at 22 weeks. Just when I found out about our conditions.

My fears compounded. But Emma Josephine was born August 16th 2007. very healthy and very beautiful.

She is my miracle. My children are proof that miracles DO happen. My faith in God is the only thing that I have to cling to at times. I tell myself when things get bad, people have made it through worse and tomorrow God will have a plan.

God has a plan here for you. You are a very loving mother. Isaac hears you everyday and more importantly, Isaac knows your heart, he feels it inside you beating with his. Your child has already experienced a mother's love, and that when you think about it, is a miracle too.

I will be praying for you, your husband, and Isaac often.


hennhouse said...


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog through someone else's blog. We are praying for you, Spencer and Isaac.
I don't have words of encouragement, but know that we will be lifting the three of you before the throneroom of Heaven.

amrisser said...

We are continuing our prayers for the three of you. Your faith is astonishing, snd I see God's glory in your words. Stay Strong friend. I am reminded of our experiences with Liam, he has changed our lives, our marriage for the better, our hearts for the better, our faith in Jesus Christ and his super natural capabilities. Issac has so many purposes for your life and others I can't wait to hear the continued testimony he carries, no matter what God's plan is. We are still praying for a miracle, and for strength and grace to carry you through. The cross stays the same, the resurrection unchanging, stay strong in knowing those things will never change, still praying for miracles for Baby Isaac .
Much Love,

AngelsAmid said...

Continuing to pray for you always.

Cathy said...

Praying for Tuesday and your sweet, precious time with Isaac.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you! I also wanted to tell you what a loving mother you are. You are showing him that great love and he feels it. Praying for all three of you!

Judy Morris said...

I read your blog and am praying for your family.

Devon Rene said...

I can testify that I only stand here today, 6 months after losing my precious boys, because God and God alone is sustaining me.

He is the only constant in the chaos and sadness that now envelops me.

Praying for you. Thank you for sharing your heart.

Anonymous said...

I too found your blog from another blog. My heart just breaks reading. I'm lifting you all up in prayer and will continue to. God is good and he does create miracles Everyday.

Stephanie said...

we prayed for you, Spencer and Isaac tonight.